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Amazing Amazonite


With Spring upon us it’s time to starting considering fresh looks for the warmer months. It’s time to stash away the heavy dark layers and explore light gossamer fabrics that suit long sunny days. The ultimate accessory for…

Australian Parti Sapphire in engagement rings

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Parti sapphires, including the beautiful stones from Australia, have been a firm favourite for couples looking for a unique gem for their engagement ring, with gorgeous teal and blue green sapphires being the most popular choice. Each parti sapphire is unique, displaying zones of green, blue, teal and yellow colours. These amazing gemstones look spectacular on their own or paired with diamonds, such as kite shaped, trillion, pear cut, baguette or round.

Paraiba tourmaline


The Holy Grail of the Tourmaline family would have to be the neon coloured ‘Paraiba’ Tourmalines. These super exotic gemstones come in electrifying colours such as neon sky blue and green, electric cobalt and intense violet. Paraiba contains…

Pink spinel


Spinel is a lesser-known gemstone that is exceptionally rare far more rare than ruby or sapphire. Like sapphire and ruby, it has good durability and can be worn in ring settings for everyday wear, thus making it a…

Peridot, the extraterrestrial gem


A beautiful green gemstone from the Olivine gamily, magnesium-rich peridot is the birthstone for August. Called  the extreme gem by the Gemological Institute of America, peridot is born of fire and brought to light, one of only two…

A sapphire, emerald and diamond show stopper


We have just completed this amazing custom made ring withcustomer’s own 4ct sapphire and 1.5ct emerald. Handmade in 22 karat yellow gold and 18 karat white gold, with 180 pave set diamonds, this unique ring has a beautiful…

Indicolite, a stunning and sought-after gem


True blue tourmaline is arguably the rarest colour variety of the tourmaline gemstone family and is part of the mineral species known as Elbaite. Known in the trade as ‘Indicolite’, it ishighly sought-after, with itsname derived from the…

Tourmaline – the rainbow stone


BIRTHSTONE FOR OCTOBER If you are fortunate enough to have a birthday in October, then you are blessed by having tourmaline as your birthstone (the other October birthstone is the equally colourful opal). Tourmaline has a kaleidoscopic range…

Manhattan an inspiration behind new earrings design


These bespoke white gold earringsarebased on our Manhattan design, inspired by the architecture and beauty of NYC. Custom cutgreen tourmalines are set in 18 carat white gold. Clean, geometric design makes these custommade earrings a modern classic. Need…

Turquoise sculpture on your hand


This sculptural Gemini ring by@lizunovais one of our signature pieces. The beautiful veined turquoise gem is set in rose gold vertically on a sterling silver band. Contemporary and striking. See it in our boutique atLevel 5, Suite 6/74…