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Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphire Engagement Rings

We love creating bespoke engagement rings with Australian parti and teal sapphires, as they are unique, rare and beautiful. Sapphires are typically cut in classic shapes, such as oval, round, emerald cut, cushion, and pear cut. More modern, geometric shapes, such as hexagon, freeform, shield and trilliant are also popular choices for unique engagement rings. We love that sapphires occur in a variety of vibrant colours, from parti (also known as bi-colour, or peacock when a sapphire is blue and green), teal (or called mermaid sapphire), green, blue, peach, pink, yellow, orange and purple to grey, black and white. Corundum family, that sapphire is a part of, is hard and durable, measuring 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. No two sapphires are the same, which makes them the perfect engagement ring centre stone.

Australian parti and teal sapphires are mostly found in Queensland and NSW and come in a variety of shades and colours, from bright, sun-kissed yellows, to deeper ocean teals and eucalyptus greens. As unique as the beautiful land we are privileged to live on, these little miracles of nature are handpicked by our brand founder, jewellery designer Maria Lizunova, to create the most heartfelt, authentic symbols of love and promise: engagement rings.

Below is a selection of our ready-to-wear sapphire engagement rings. Most of our rings are set with Australian parti and teal sapphires, and a few with Montana, Madagascan and Ceylon sapphires. All designs are customisable and we can create something completely unique.

To book a bespoke engagement ring design appointment with us, please select a convenient time via the button below. Appointments are available in person at our Sydney showroom or online. Or browse our selection of loose Australian sapphires that can be set into a bespoke engagement ring.


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