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All Lizunova Fine Jewels pieces are covered under a voluntary manufacturer’s warranty. In addition to this, they come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.  Please find below the terms of our current voluntary warranty against defects and warranty period as well as your rights under the Australian Consumer Law below.

Lizunova voluntary manufacturer's warranty

Svet Pty Ltd (trading as Lizunova Fine Jewels) offers a warranty against manufacturing defects on all of our jewellery from the date of completion for a period of 12 months from the date of completion (the Warranty Period).

If you believe your item has a manufacturing defect, you may return it to us for inspection. If we determine your item is damaged due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair the item or, if we deem appropriate, replace the item.

Svet Pty Ltd does not cover damage to jewellery caused by normal wear and tear or through any fault, negligence or mishandling of the wearer. This can be covered by the owner/s insurance at their discretion. If it is determined that the damage is not caused by a manufacturing defect, the owner will be notified if repair services are available at a cost or otherwise.

Natural inclusions within the gemstones are not considered to be damage. Stones that come from existing jewellery and used in Lizunova pieces during jewellery remodelling are not covered by our warranty.

Fine jewellery should be handled carefully. Please refer to our Jewellery Care Guide for more informationPlease be aware that gemstones and diamonds are not guaranteed against chips and wear and tear or loss. We recommend all types jewellery and stone(s) used are insured by a third party, as damage, loss of pieces or stones are not covered by our warranty. In the instance of damage caused by wear or tear/physical damage, a repair fee will be incurred. Customers will be quoted for any repair work and asked for approval or payment of this fee before any work is commenced.

To make a warranty claim, please contact us at info@lizunova.com with the following information:

  • Your full name, address and phone number
  • Photographic evidence of the issue under warranty
  • A brief description of the issue.

Please note that the cause of a damage cannot be determined until the piece has been assessed by our experts in person.

If it is determined that there is a manufacturing defect, Lizunova will refund the customer any domestic/international shipping and handling costs associated with sending the item back for repair/replacement.

In the instance that your piece has been repaired or your ring resized by an external jeweller, the warranty is void.

Your rights under Australian Consumer Law

You have the protection of consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law. For more information, please visit www.consumerlaw.gov.au


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