Jewellery Remodelling

Bespoke Jewellery Design Gives New Life To Old Pieces

Remodelling is a wonderful way to breathe new life into old jewellery. Fine jewellery that may have been passed down to you through the family, but is not your style, can be remodelled into bespoke contemporary jewellery that will bring you joy, rather than just gather dust in your drawer. We can reuse the stones and the metal from your existing pieces to make a contemporary new jewel that reflects your personal style.

Our bespoke jewellery is designed by our brand founder, jewellery designer Maria Lizunova, in close collaboration with you. After the initial design consultation, where we explore your style, preferences and wishes, Maria spends several hours creating design concepts, which she hand sketches, develops and refines.

In the second meeting, we present the designs to you and gather your feedback. If additional stones are used in the designs, they’re presented for your viewing and selection. Each gemstone is handpicked by Maria, based on its beauty, quality and suitability for the piece, as well as your budget considerations. We use top quality coloured gems and conflict free GIA-certified diamonds and can custom source and cut practically any gem.

If desired, we can produce full colour 3D drawings and a wax model of your piece, so you can try it on before it gets made into a finished jewel.

All our jewellery is ethically handcrafted in Sydney, using a range of traditional and modern techniques. We pride ourselves on the meticulous quality of our fine jewellery and  provide a lifetime workmanship guarantee.

We offer complimentary life time cleaning of your Lizunova fine jewellery. We also provide jewellery maintenance service, where we can check and tighten settings, and replate and repolish your jewellery as required, to ensure it always looks its best.

If you would like to discuss the remodelling of your existing jewellery, please book a complimentary virtual or in-person bespoke jewellery design appointment with our jewellery designer Maria Lizunova.


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