November's birthstone choices are very versatile as they include topazand the golden quartz called citrine. The topaz family of gems is incredibly versatile with the head of the family being Imperial Topaz. Imperial Topaz is a divine sherry coloured gem whose rich golden through to orange and pink colours are thought to resemble the setting sun. In 17th century Russia natural pink topazes were reserved solely for the Tsars hence the name. They are the rarest and most expensive of the topaz family and the main sources are Ouro Preto in Brazil and the Ural Mountains in Russia.

Topaz also comes in a brilliant range of blues including a sky blue that is similar to aquamarine; a Swizz blue that is a dazzling electric blue and London Blue, which is an uber fashionable dark teal that goes with all colours. Most people love wearing the colour blue so it's a good choice if you are thinking of buying a gift for a November birthday

If you love yellows and golds, you could select citrine as your birthstone. This popular golden quartz is very affordable and is available in big carat weights perfect for statement cocktail rings. Citrine is found all over the world including Australia, however the most important world source is Brazil. Citrine is thought to be a gem that brings good fortune to business and is known as the Merchant's Stone so also a perfect gift choice that may bring abundance to the lucky recipient.

If none of those appeal you could consider red coral, carnelian or cat's-eye gems according to Hindu astrology. These three choices are also great for male jewellery pieces.

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