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Parti sapphires, including the beautiful gemstones from Australia, have been a firm favourite for couples looking for a unique coloured gem for their engagement ring, with gorgeous teal and blue green sapphires being the most popular choice. Sapphire engagement rings in general have been rising in popularity as sapphires not only come in an array of beautiful colours, they also have excellent durability and offer better value for money than the traditional white diamond.

What is a Parti Sapphire?

Parti sapphires belong to the sapphire family, which is a gem quality corundum. Sapphire is hard wearing, measuring 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it an ideal alternative to diamond in a piece of jewellery worn every day, such as an engagement ring. Parti sapphires are multi coloured gemstones that feature colour zones of two or more colours: predominantly blues and yellows - and sometimes greens. The stones are so striking as the colours contrast sometimes vividly, making them a delight for a jewellery designer. These gems are not seen in commercial, mass produced jewellery, where a manufacturer must bulk buy gems that are carefully matched in size, colour and shape.

Parti sapphires are cut from sapphire crystals that display zones of two or more different colours, in such a way that the colours are accentuated and shown off in distinct colour zones, or blended into more even shades. The skill and artistry of the gem cutter is truly put to the test when it comes to cutting parti sapphires! They must first carefully examine the rough, to determine the best cut to transform it into a beautiful stone that shows off its unique colour properties.

The gemstones display different colours when viewed from different angles and in different light sources, making them ideal for people who appreciate gems with personality and individuality.

Where do parti sapphires come from?

Most of the parti sapphires come from Australia, specifically Queensland and NSW, and are ethically mined by small artisanal miners. There is a small percentage of parti sapphires that comes from African sources, and these stones tend to be lighter and more transparent.

Australian sapphires are from alkali-basalt related deposits and are very rich in iron content, which gives them the beautiful rich blue colour. Due to varying concentrations of transition elements (e.g. iron and titanium) in the chemical make-up of the parent fluids (sapphire is essentially aluminium oxide) different colours result. The parti sapphires are so special as each stone has a unique combination of zoning and banding.

Some of the Australian material is faceted in Australia and some is sent to overseas cutters and is sold all over the world.

Oval cut Australian Parti Sapphire 2.07ct, by Sydney jeweller Lizunova Fine Jewels, Chifley Square

Some parti sapphires display an enchanting blend of teal, blue, green and yellow colours, like this 2.07ct oval cut Australian parti sapphire. Image: Lizunova Fine Jewels

Parti sapphires in engagement rings

Because each parti sapphire is unique, couples love them as an engagement ring centre stone, as they allow an unrivalled expression of individuality. These amazing gemstones look spectacular on their own, set in solitaire ring designs or paired with diamonds in a trilogy (three stone) ring design. Shoulder diamonds that accompany a centre sapphire in such a design also come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, such as kite, trillion, pear cut, baguette, epaulette, bullet, hexagon, marquise, cadillac or round, to name a few. Trilogy ring design is a timeless classic, and parti sapphires look gorgeous highlighted by a sparkling diamond on each side.

Another popular ring design features a cluster of smaller diamonds in each shoulder, where scope for personalisation is truly endless. Another time tested, firm favourite is the classic diamond halo ring design, where the centre sapphire is surrounded by a frame, or a halo of smaller diamonds.

For lovers of antique and vintage inspired designs, who would neverless prefer a new ring over an antique, there are many options, such as milgrain detail, double halos, or designs that are inspired by antique jewellery.

And for those seeking a completely unique engagement ring, asymmetric ring designs offer a great option of reflecting individual preferences and love story.

Parti sapphires look great in all gold colours. Yellow gold tends to bring out more of the green and yellow hues, rose gold brings out a more bluish hue, while white gold and platinum show the true colour of the parti sapphire.


This cushion cut Australian parti sapphire displays a wonderful blend of green, yellow and teal. Image: Lizunova Fine Jewels

Custom engagement rings with parti sapphires

We love working with this beautiful, truly unique gemstone, especially when it's selected for a bespoke engagement ring. We have a handpicked collection of beautiful parti and teal sapphires in all colours, sizes and shapes, and if needed can source a specific sapphire for your bespoke engagement ring. Appointments are available for you to view our sapphires in person or online, where we can talk you through all aspects of the design process.

Check out our ready to wear parti sapphire engagement rings, or book an appointment with us to view our selection of beautiful loose sapphires, and begin creating your bespoke engagement ring with one of these beauties.


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