The latest trend in men's wedding bands and dress rings is sleek and versatile zirconium.

Zirconium is a lustrous grey-white metal that has some resemblance to titanium and hafnium. It is extremely durable and resistant to corrosion. It is employed in many chemical industries to contain or transport chemicals. As it is so chemically stable and tough, it is also used to build nuclear reactors! Another one of its amazing attributes is that it's non-toxic and is perfect for people with allergies and skin sensitivities to wear. Because of its non-toxicity it's also used in dentistry for fillings a true wonder metal!

Zirconium is now a super-hot choice for men to wear as wedding bands or dress rings as black is always at the height of fashion. It has a light heft similar to titanium and when oxidised at high temperatures it turns black from its original grey-white colour and has a ceramic like feel. Zirconium bands will appear at their blackest with a high polish and will look a graphite grey colour when given a satin finish. No matter what the finish, the ideal quality of zirconium is that it's corrosion and scratch resistant which makes it perfect for gentlemen who work in heavy industry or trades.

Another winning quality of zirconium is that it is more malleable and ductile than titanium which means it can be fashioned into more interesting designs as it's easier to work with. It can be finished with decorative scrolls or Roman numerals and can also be set with diamonds if desired.

Zirconium is easy to care for and the best way to clean your ring at home is to soak it in some warm water with a mild soapy detergent, then thoroughly rinse in fresh water and finally polish with a cloth. Please keep in mind that despite being scratch resistant zirconium is not infallible and will show some wear and tear over time.

We currently have a stunning new range of men's zirconium, and zirconium with white, yellow or rose gold rings in our jewellery boutique, in the heart of Sydney's CBD. We invite you to come and have a look so we can assist you in choosing the perfect ring for a gift or wedding ceremony.

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