How Much Should I Spend on an Engagement Ring in 2024?

Congratulations! You've found the love of your life and you're ready to pop the question. But amidst the whirlwind of emotions, a crucial question arises: how much should you spend on an engagement ring in Australia? Fear not, lovebirds — this guide will help you navigate engagement ring budgets and find the perfect symbol of your love without breaking the bank.

The Budget Myth: It's Not All About Three Months' Salary

For decades, the "three-month salary" rule has dominated engagement ring purchases. However, this outdated notion can be more stressful than helpful. Nowadays, the focus has shifted towards responsible spending that aligns with one's financial situation and future goals. Thus, the question for grooms-to-be is: How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

Financial Factors to Consider

Open communication is key! Discuss your finances honestly with your partner to determine a comfortable amount to set aside for the ring. This should factor in your combined income, any existing debt (prioritise paying that down first!), and upcoming expenses like a wedding, honeymoon, or potential home ownership. Remember, the engagement ring is just the first step in your exciting journey together, so responsible budgeting is essential.

Beyond the Price Tag: Finding the Perfect Ring

Beyond the price tag lies the true heart of your proposal – the ring itself. While budget is a significant factor, prioritise finding a piece that embodies your love story. Consider her style: classic and timeless, or modern and unique? Reflect this in the design. Explore the world of gemstones – diamonds are a classic, but sapphires, spinels, or salt and pepper diamonds offer a touch of individuality. Don't forget the setting — choose a metal type (platinum, white, rose or yellow gold) and style (solitaire, halo, three stone, asymmetric, toi et moi, cluster) that complements the gemstone and suits her everyday life. The perfect ring awaits, whispering a tale of your love.

Engagement Ring Ideas for Every Style and Budget 

  • Lab Grown Diamonds: A lab grown diamond, also known as man-made, or cultured diamond, shares the same composition as its natural counterpart: pure carbon crystallised in an isotropic 3D structure. Unlike imitation diamonds, which are made from non-diamond materials, lab grown diamonds are authentic in every sense while also being a fraction of the cost of natural, mined diamonds. 
  • Custom Rings: Work with a reputable jeweller in Sydney to create a one-of-a-kind ring that reflects your love story and is within your budget.
  • Sapphire Rings: We offer a curated range of natural, ethically sourced sapphires ideal for crafting bespoke engagement rings and fine jewellery. Sapphires vary in colour and cost and can be a more budget-friendly alternative to the traditional diamond while allowing unparalleled scope for customisation and self-expression.
  • Salt and Pepper Diamond Rings:: These unique stones offer a stunning alternative at an attractive price, perfect for an engagement ring with tons of individuality. Natural inclusions resembling constellations (often called galaxy diamonds) with their unique, captivating beauty, make superb alternative engagement ring centre stones.
  • Spinel Rings:: Spinel comes in a variety of colours, including red, pink, blue, grey, teal and black, which makes them incredibly versatile for creating unique and eye-catching rings. They are a hard and durable gem with excellent lustre and are excellent value for money, making them a great choice for those seeking a unique alternative to the more traditional diamond.

Let Love Shine Brighter with Lizunova

Now that you understand how much to spend on an engagement ring in Australia, it's time to explore the dazzling possibilities. At Lizunova Fine Jewels, our showroom is ready to welcome you with exquisite diamond engagement rings in Sydney, breathtaking sapphire engagement rings, and a variety of other options to suit every style and budget.

Our passionate team of experts will guide you through the selection process, answer all your questions, and help you find the perfect ring that symbolises your everlasting love. We also offer custom rings in Sydney, allowing you to create a truly unique and personal token of your affection.

Visit Lizunova today and let us help you find the perfect one amongst all the engagement rings in Sydney to mark the beginning of your exciting new chapter together. Browse our stunning collection online and experience the magic firsthand. Congratulations, and happy planning!

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