The beginning of 2018 will see a burst of soft feminine colours with a slightly vintage feel. The colour experts at Pantone declared peachy pink Blooming Dahlia as one of the key colours for the Northern hemisphere spring or our Antipodean autumn. This delicious soft shade is surprisingly versatile and works really well with another favourite for 2018, the gorgeous bluish green Arcadia. Blooming Dahlia is ideal to wear close to the face as its gentle warm tone is great for giving a glow to pale skin and a superb contrast to a tanned complexion.

Select relaxed knits in Blooming Dahlia that look super sweet paired with pale denim or go for the full 'vintage femme' look with an intricate, textured floral skirt and a plain top. Get super funky with a strapless jumpsuit or plain flared pants in this alluring shade. If you are planning a wedding, Blooming Dahlia would work brilliantly for bridesmaids’ dresses especially if your gown is ivory or pale cream. Blooming Dahlia works wonderfully with the other key neutral shades for the season such as Coconut Milk, Harbour Mist, and Warm Sand.

To accessorise with an early 70’s vintage style, go for gold! Yellow gold is making a huge comeback in Europe and the United States and the trend will be undoubtedly hitting Australia any moment. Plaited neck chains, gold watches, stacking rings and drop earrings will give your outfit total retro glamour with a modern edge. Big ombre sunglasses with coloured frames and a gold shoulder bag with a disco feel would complete the look.

Thinking of complimenting your outfit with Blooming Dahlia coloured gemstones? There are plenty of options to choose from. Morganite with its peachy pink hues immediately springs to mind – a delicious delight paired with rose gold. Consider a statement cocktail ring as morganite gems come in large carat weights and are affordable in price. Malaya garnets are another pretty option from the gem pantheon. These lesser known garnets hail mostly from Tanzania and Kenya in Africa and are very clean with good dispersion. They also have an appealing price point per carat. Finally, peachy pink sapphire can come in Blooming Dahlia shades. Sapphire is always such a brilliant choice for jewellery, especially that worn every day, such as engagement rings, due to its great hardness and durability.

These gems could be set in any gold colour or platinum depending upon your preference for precious metals.

The ornamental gemstones to wear with Blooming Dahlia that you could experiment with are rose quartz, rhodonite or rhodochrosite. Rose quartz comes in the palest shades of pink which would complement nicely with Blooming Dahlia. Rhodochrosite is a banded ornamental gemstone with a soft sheen that has pinks mixed with white. Rhodonite has pinks mixed with blacks for those who can’t go with a fully pale look.

It’s going to be a blooming lovely start to 2018!

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