Fine jewellery can be a wonderful way to commemorate certain events in our lives. For life's milestones such as birthdays, engagements and weddings, the birth of a baby, a promotion or a new career, wedding anniversaries and even a divorce, fine jewellery is the perfect choice as it’s durable, highly portable and beautiful.

In our society, certain birthdays have become milestones that are normally celebrated with a lavish party with lots of good food, premium beverages and, most significantly, the company of friends and family. Turning 21 is thought to symbolise the moment a young person enters into adulthood and is widely celebrated. Adoring and proud parents often want to give their young adult children a gift that they can treasure forever and hopefully pass on to their children when they come of age. For a daughter, a delicate diamond necklace or diamond stud earrings would be a perfect gift that she can wear while pursuing a career or at leisure well into her adult life. For a son, a dress ring or a pair of cufflinks that can be worn to work or for formal occasions would be ideal.

Many women like to receive or gift themselves with an impressive piece of fine jewellery for each decade from 30 and beyond. Often a group of friends will pool funds together so that they can buy a gorgeous pair of earrings or a spectacular necklace that they know the birthday girl will adore. Gifting this way means that every time she wears her birthday jewels, she will be reminded of her special friends and the wonderful celebration she enjoyed to mark a milestone. Sometimes it’s good to indulge oneself with a luxury piece and starting a new decade is definitely a good time to empower oneself with a special jewel that can feel like a talisman.

It’s no secret that a bejewelled ring is presented when one asks someone to marry them. In modern times this usually means a diamond ring set into gold or platinum however there is an increasing trend towards coloured gemstone engagement rings as people want to express their individual taste. Sapphires, rubies and emeralds are often selected however now people are looking at spinelsaquamarinestourmalines and morganites as centrepieces for contemporary engagement rings. Diamonds are often employed to offset the stunning colours of these beautiful gems and yellow and rose gold are now making a big comeback after years of white gold dominating the market.

Wedding bands symbolise a union between two people and it’s now the fashion for both partners to wear rings. Many women are loving the delightful sparkle of a fine diamond set wedding band which nicely complements their engagement ring. Some ladies are opting for a statement band that is dramatic enough to be worn on its own and if diamond-set, perhaps merges the engagement and wedding rings into one ring. Men are expressing themselves beyond the classic gold ring and are looking for edgier designs in unsual metals including palladium and zirconium. The mixed metal look is also being favoured by modern grooms.

One of life’s great achievements and cause for celebration is bringing a new baby into this world. Couples like to celebrate and commemorate a new addition to the family by having a jeweller create a special piece of jewellery. Often this is a ring and some designs allow for more diamonds or gemstones to be added as more children are born into the family. This jewellery piece would make an intimate heirloom to be passed through the generations. This piece of jewellery is generally presented to the mother by her partner, although can be presented by family or friends.

Professional women have their own portion of disposable income to spend as they please. A new job or promotion can be denoted by a knockout jewel and this is reflected in the trend for right hand rings. Right hand rings can be as extravagant and colourful as the wearer chooses and is an expression of her individual style. Women will still wear their engagement and wedding rings on their left hand while their right-hand ring can either complement or have a completely different feel and be in a different metal colour. Another option is stunning earrings that can be worn to the office or after hours. Pearls often symbolise power and femininity especially when combined with gemstones for sophisticated look. Colourful gemstone earrings can also bring some individual flair to a conservative suit.

Wedding anniversaries have been traditionally celebrated with silver, gold, gemstones and diamonds depending upon the number of years a couple have shared together. Some of the better-known anniversaries are silver for 25 years, ruby for 40, sapphire for 45, gold for 50 and diamond for 60. A lot of couples celebrate with diamonds each decade with eternity bands that can be stacked together with wedding and engagement rings or worn on the right hand. If it’s a coloured gemstone anniversary, pendants can make a nice choice.

Finally, a rather new trend is jewellery to celebrate a divorce. It may be too painful to wear your engagement ring on a different finger and a beautiful diamond or coloured stone is too precious to throw off a cliff in a whim. The smart idea is to have a jeweller create a new piece of jewellery using your metal and gemstones to create a spectacular pendant or use your diamond as one half of a set of diamond earrings. You will need a matching stone, however having the earrings will make you feel free while still honouring the beautiful stone you received at a happy time in your life. Some ladies are even opting for a divorce ring to symbolise their separation. These are as individual as the wearers and perhaps are good for enhancing self-confidence after a tremulous time.

Jewellery truly is the perfect way to celebrate the important milestones in our lives and is something to treasure forever.

Image credit: Belleame Balloons

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