The Holy Grail of the Tourmaline family would have to be the neon coloured 'Paraiba' Tourmalines. These super exotic gemstones come in electrifying colours such as neon sky blue and green, electric cobalt and intense violet. Paraiba contains significant traces of the transition element copper, which is responsible for the neon colours of the Paraiba palette. This makes the stones unique being the only tourmaline members to contain copper (copper is responsible for the beautiful blues of turquoise). Found in the Paraiba state of Brazil in the late 1980s this gem's price per carat has skyrocketed beyond any other tourmaline including Rubellite. Fortunately other similar stones have been found in East Africa and other parts of Brazil.

At Lizunova, we are extremely fortunate to have one of these rare beauties in stock. This delightful pear cut stone from Mozambique is 1.75cts and is the neon turquoise colour that makes this gem so desired.

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