Salt and pepper diamonds have become a popular choice in engagement rings due to their uniqueness. Salt and pepper diamonds are natural diamonds that are heavily included. Each one has distinctive markings, some resembling a pattern of stars in the night sky – these are called galaxy diamonds. These black markings are carbon spots, pieces of the diamond that never crystallised properly.


Rose cut salt and pepper diamonds don’t provide as much light return or sparkle as the brilliant cut salt and pepper diamonds, which scintillate similarly to their colourless counterparts and are more highly valued.


Presented in a variety of colours: from white, grey, black to yellow, brown, champagne, blush and pink.


Diamond is the hardest-known mineral, and salt and pepper diamonds are no exception. However, salt and pepper diamonds need to be carefully selected, as much of the material can be poorly cut and contain cracks and chips.


Salt and pepper diamonds are technically lower in quality, as dictated by the four Cs (cut, colour, clarity, carat) of diamond evaluation. But if you find the unique air of salt and pepper diamonds attractive, the good news is they are much more affordable than colourless diamonds.


Angola, Australia, Botswana, Namibia, Russia, South Africa, Zaire.

Major cutting centres of diamonds are in Antwerp, Bombay, New York, Tel Aviv.


Hardness: 10 Mohs

Specific Gravity: 3.417-3.55 (diamond)

Refractive Index: 2.417 -2.419

Crystal Form: Cubic. Diamond crystals occur well-shaped as octahedra, cubes, rhombic dodecahedral and macles. Diamond is found in igneous rock formations and alluvial deposits.

Treatments: None

Special Care: None

Durability: Very good

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Author: Maria Lizunova