When selecting a ring that you will love and wear everyday it's very important to consider the shape of your fingers and the size of your hand. Those who are blessed with long slim fingers can mostly wear any style. However, with careful selection it's possible to find ring styles to suit everyone.

If you have short fingers, you need to look for longer shaped stones that are vertically set to give the illusion of length. Shapes such as ovals, pears, marquises and baguettes are elongating. Setting the gems on a narrow band will also make your fingers appear longer. If it's appropriate wear your nails long with a neutral shade of polish to create added length.

Our stunning Manhattan ring in 18ct white gold features a vertically set baguette cut aquamarine and a round brilliant cut diamond. This timeless yet contemporary ring is delicate and flattering and can be stacked with a fine diamond band.It makes a beautiful alternative engagement ring.

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