Many of us may have jewellery tucked away and unworn because the gold colour isn't suiting our current style. White gold has been the most popular choice for over a decade and many us feel that our yellow gold pieces aren't so in vogue or that the two metal colours can't be worn simultaneously.

The good news is that the trend is to wear multiple gold colours together and the best way to achieve this is to bring the look together with a two-tone statement piece. Our gorgeous new Manhattan earrings, inspired by the Art Deco skyscrapers in New York city, feature unique parti coloured sapphires set in 18ct yellow gold and long elegant green tourmalines in 18ct white. The golds come together in total harmony and you could easily wear other pieces in yellow and white gold to create a contemporary look that avoids the old fashioned matched look.

If your yellow gold jewellery is looking out dated next to your white gold pieces, visit us for a consultation and we can remodel it into a two-tone statement piece so it no longer sits unworn in your jewellery box.

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